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Tailored Solutions

Highly customized software solutions, meticulously designed to address your organization’s specific requirements and goals.

Cost Efficiency

Significantly reduce operational expenses and dramatically boost productivity through optimized processes and efficient resource utilization.

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Robust, secure, and dependable systems developed using the latest, most advanced technology to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Who We Are

T-XTech is a leading software outsourcing company specializing in efficient software design, development, and testing services. Committed to providing comprehensive services such as software development and maintenance, IT infrastructure outsourcing, and business process outsourcing for global clients. With offices in North America (Canada), Southeast Asia (Singapore), and Mainland China, we serve a wide range of industries, including finance, government, construction, e-commerce, online education, tourism, and transportation.

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Some of our amazing clients

Human Resource Outsourcing

Supplying fast, high-quality, one-stop software personnel outsourcing services for companies requiring personnel resources, including recruitment, on-site development, technical support, and more.

Custom Software Development

Delivering tailor-made software development services for enterprise clients, with professional technical experience and industry-leading quality assurance measures for fast delivery and cost-effective software products.

Software Consultation

Providing business consultation, architecture consultation, and solution consultation services for various industry clients, creating value for customers.

Solution Provision

Offering customized solution services based on industry and professional categories, meeting diverse customer needs.

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